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VC Backup 1.1

VC Backup allows you to backup different programs/directories on zip files
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VC Backup allows you to create a database to backup different programs and directories at the same time. It doesn't include help but has an online tutorial that you can read before operating the program in order to understand the configuration process step by step.

To add a new backup to the database you need to enter a description name, set the full source path, and the full target path. The program allows you to back up all files on the target directory, which is required the first time you generate the backup, but also gives you the option to backup only new files the next time you run the program. You can also delete old backups to free space on disk. All the files added to the database will be backed up at the same time in separate ZIP files. The backup time will depend on the amount and size of the files.

After the backup process finalizes, the program is closed. The program also allows you to configure its position on the screen, so next time you run the program it will open up in its preset position.

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  • You can backup different programs or folders at the same time
  • The program creates an independent backup file for each backup added to the database


  • There is not help included. You need to read the online tutorial before using the program
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